Action RPG ‘Nioh’ recently got a new patch from Team Ninja with improvements for the game’s PvP battles that needed some boosting. It also comes with other bug fixes and more improvements as well.

Improvements add new feature

Patch 1.16 features a new addition to the PvP battles of the video game and this is called the "Battles of Skill." Players who choose this new feature will have to use different equipment abilities, stats, and shortcuts as a challenge and their current equipment will not be available to use. As a challenge for the new feature, the Crest Boons, Passive Skills, Prestige Titles, and even the Mystic Arts will be disabled.

To add more challenge to this new feature, players will have to make do with the feature’s Guardian Spirit’s level that will be changed and will have a set value, but the good thing is that all protection skills from the Guardian Spirit will be active. They should remember that these changes are only temporary and their stats will return back to normal after the PvP battle.

Players can also choose between Skill or Strength in search for a PvP battle. Battle for Strength will be another feature too and it will have the same features as the PvP battles that they have tried out before the new patch was implemented.

Adjustments and fixes come with Patch 1.16

Other than the implementation of another feature, the new patch also made a lot of adjustments and bug fixes for “NiOh.” After reaching The Way of the Way of the Wise, the level cap was adjusted from 500 to 550.

More Amrita was also collected after finishing the missions in this stage.

More Amrita will also be dropped by the enemies that will show up in level 500 or higher missions of The Way of the Wise. They also adjusted and improved the character’s evasion, which they can do immediately when they recover from being knocked down.

There are also several adjustments to other skills like sword skills and such.

The Groundquake skill also got its Ki consumption increased with the new patch, but this is only applicable in the feature. Enemies that have been knocked out by the tonfa’s Grapple skill will have a shortened down time to balance the game. Its Ki damage has also been decreased, which was caused by its follow-up attack after getting deflected.

The new patch also fixed several bugs that plagued the game before it was implemented. Players that did not get to hit the Yamata-no-Orochi during "The Demon King Revealed" mission on online multiplayer will now able to do so with the new patch. It also fixed bugs that would lock up the controls after running out Ki until it was fully charged.

Check out the "NiOh" "Dragon of the North DLC" 1 Trailer here: