Big news for PS4 owners. Team Ninja has a new update for its action role-playing game “Nioh” The studio has just revealed its new DLC "Defiant Honor" to the gaming world.

According to DualShockers, Famitsu magazine got the full details of the new DLC story. It said that the upcoming DLC "Defiant Honor" will include new characters, new weapons and more.

Nioh, a brief history

Developed by Team Ninja and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, “Nioh” is an action RPG game exclusively developed for Sony’s PS4 console. The game was first announced by original developer Koei Tecmo Games in 2004 and was released to the gaming world in February 2017 as a PS4 exclusive title.

“Nioh” was first published in Japan by Koei Tecmo Games and then internationally by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game takes place in Japan during the year 1600, with players taking the role of an Irish samurai warrior named William. Here, players will guide William on a mission, facing both human enemies and supernatural creatures.

The game’s fighting is based on hack and slashes combat, with players (William) being able to attack enemies and even blocks their attacks. It’s gameplay focus around navigating levels and beating supernatural creatures.

In terms of weapons, the game’s main playable character William has access to an arsenal of melee weapons, which include an axe, polearms, kusarigama, single and dual swords.

Additionally, players also have access to ranged weapons like rifle, bow and even hand cannon.

Originally, the game was slated for an October 2016 release. However, it was delayed due to some technical issues. The Japanese studio Team Ninja, a division of the game’s original publisher Koei Tecmo Games, was first brought on in 2010 to help with the gameplay and development.

What to expect from the new DLC

As mentioned earlier by DualShockers, the first character will be Sanada Yukimura, a legendary daimyo. Yukimura will be the game’s main antagonist in the DLC “Defiant Honor’s” story. Yukimura will also include two guardian spirits, Enku, a Qilin covered in flames and the moth Janomecho, which he inherited from his father-in-law Otani Yoshitsugu.

The second new character in the DLC story will be Sasuke Sarutobi, a ninja who becomes the leader of Sanada Ten Braves. Unlike Yukimura, Sasuke does not have guardian spirits, but he can fight using the Kong-style ninjitsu and new weapon called Tonfa.

The third characters to join in the new DLC story will be Saski Kojiro, a swordsman known for fighting Miyamoto Musashi at Ganryu Island. Kojiro, which will appear in the newly added sub missions, will use an Odachi sword. However, the movements will be different, it’s now much faster than an ordinary Odachi users.

In addition to Yukimura’s Enku spirit, Team Ninja has also confirmed that Nurarhyon will also be added to a usable guardian spirit in the new DLC “Defiant Honor.” Additionally, players will have multiple new stages, which include the battlefield of Osaka Fuyunojin.

Finally, the new DLC is slated for release on PS4 this coming July 25. “Nioh” is currently available on PS4 only.