New information about what happens when players complete the story of “Destiny 2” surfaced. With the scheduled release date fast approaching, more information is now available for excited fans. Recently, Bungie’s top executive details the Clan Migration and Milestones Tab in the second game installment.


In a recent interview conducted by Heavy, community manager David Dague shared what players can expect after completing the story of “Destiny 2.” Figuratively, Dague answered the question so as not to spoil the highly anticipated game that is bound to release next month.

He did not reveal anything specific about new things related to the in-game content. However, it is interesting to know the developer’s concept of the second game installment’s end game.

According to Dague, as soon as players finish the story of the game, they will most likely yearn for more. The community manager added that it is their job to provide with something that would be worth the players, invested time. Furthermore, he revealed that Bungie would like to immerse the players’ mind in the gaming world and not to leave in order to complete their experience. Dague added that beyond the raid, there are greater things that players will enjoy in the game. He hinted on the Guardian lifestyle when the final cutscene has already played out.

The traditional belief that the game really begins when the player gets into the end game is most likely applicable in Bungie’s second game installment. In the statement of the community manager, it appears that they would like to retain the players after they have completed playing the campaign. It means that they have prepared something worth playing that will keep the player’s immersed while waiting for the game’s expansion.

Clan rewards

Meanwhile, the community manager also revealed that clan members in the upcoming game would get rewards for every completed activity. He also underlined the Clan Migration and the new Clan System that players would enjoy in the second game installment. Moreover, he revealed the massive changes had been done by the developer to the Clan System in the upcoming game that the players will enjoy exciting features.

With the new clan, each member will earn a reward for every accomplished goal done collectively as a team.

He also revealed that there would be a Milestones Tab that will keep track of the player’s progress. This will list the objectives that players need to accomplish in the game. “Destiny 2” will be released on September 6, 2017, for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This will be followed by a PC release on October 24.