Persona 5” is hands down one of the best JRPGs to grace the modern day and age. While many believed the genre to be dead, Atlus easily proved them wrong through this game. Despite being a typical RPG, “Persona 5” introduced a lot of new features to the Series. This made it easy for new players to jump in the series without having to stumble through all the long and awkward tutorial phases. In line with this, here are some of the best things the fifth game brought to the series.


The two previous “Persona” games included a feature called Social Links wherein the player could spend time with selected NPCs and party members to get to know them.

This was a great way to learn more about the characters outside of the main plot but never brought in any other value. Atlus decided to go a different, yet similar route in the fifth game through Confidants.

This new system keeps the same formula of Social Links except it's much more useful. You can now get more out of the time you spend with people as they'll offer you things such a discounts, battle strategies, and teach you how to make items. Atlus should definitely keep this formula in the future games to give players a good reason to spend time with NPC characters.

Streamlined Combat

JRPGs are notorious for the many menus in combat as battles are usually held in a strategic turn-based manner.

You’ll have to sift through multiple menus to find a specific command which could get a bit tedious at times, especially if the game’s pacing is slow. However, “Persona 5” changes this by removing as many menus it could in combat. Instead of having to scroll through your first set of options initially, each button on your controller now corresponds to a certain command.

This makes battles seamless and easy to finish which makes grinding less of a pain. Atlus found an excellent way to streamline combat and innovate turn-based combat to something that can compete with modern gaming’s fast-paced environment.

Wealth of options to explore

Acting as half a school simulator, the fifth game gives players plenty of free time to do whatever they want.

Previous games only had a select number of locations and amenities you could take advantage of, but “Persona 5” includes a bunch of new locations to explore. That way, you’re never bored as you have more ways to play the game. Let’s hope that the next game in the mainline series will include even more options to choose from. Those who want to play the fifth entry to the series can pick up a copy for the PS4.