Studio Wildcard's pre historic themed game - "ARK: Survival Evolved" is still getting a lot of love from its player base. With the recent update that went live for the PlayStation 4 platform, the game developer has set their crosshairs this time to Xbox One.

A glitch early on

However, at the time of writing, reports are getting rife about Xbox One players who were not able to load their Xbox Player dedicated servers after the recently released game patch. The developer was prompt enough though to acknowledge the said concern as they stated that they are currently investigating the issue.

The new update for the Xbox One is not as big as everyone thought. That being said, the long-awaited TEK gear and new tamable beasts will not be included in the said game tweak.

Per the patch notes, the recent "ARK: Survival Evolved" update mainly focused on bug fixes and some improvements within the game. Some of the workarounds include an issue where players were unable to unlock Artifact Achievements, saving host settings issue, audio, and split screen glitches.

Additionally, death and dropped item caches including player and team dead bodies are now saved on reload. There was also an update being implemented on players jumping over in between Arks as they will now be put to the correct tribe.

Delayed yet again

Meanwhile, the fandom is pretty much aware by now about the aforementioned TEK gear content being bogged down yet again. Nevertheless, Studio Wildcard has set another release date for the said game segment as it was announced to be shelled out on the 29th of this month.

The "ARK: Survival Evolved" TEK gear content will bring in some advanced rig for players to withstand the unforgiving world of The Ark.

Some of the upcoming TEK stuff includes a shield that deflects any projectiles even splash damages, a sword with piercing capabilities and charge-dash attack, and a TEK Light. The game's current mod - Ragnarok - will also be getting a huge update not to mention that players will soon have the ability to tame the behemoth snake species - the Titanoboa.

Alongside the gear is an otter that goes by the moniker Lutra Peloso that can be tamed and eventually become a trusted companion within the game. The developer stated that once the furry creature becomes domesticated, players can command Lutra to hunt for fish. Furthermore, it was also mentioned that the inbound pet is well adept in searching for both silica and black pearls. Check out a video about the game here: