Every new event in “Overwatch” is a chance to play dress-up with the colorful and diverse personalities in the game. While Blizzard hardly includes legendary skins for the sake of it, they love to add new content during occasions like Halloween, Christmas, and even Summer. In line with this, the Summer Games 2017 added some neat beach-themed skins to match with the overall theme. However, it seems like one player was offended by how much skin the characters were showing. With this in mind, is the “Overwatch” Summer Games 2017 too sexual?

McCree gets burned

Blizzard usually makes amazing skins for “Overwatch” characters which are usually the highlight when it comes to events. Some cosmetics like Witch Mercy, Blackwatch Genji, and Ghoul Ana are beautifully made and also match the game’s overall theme. There’s no denying the creativity behind their designs, but it seems like a fan was recently offended following McCree’s Lifeguard costume which features his strong physique and muscular chest.

According to TechRaptor, the said fan took to the game’s official forums to complain about how overly sexual the costume was. S/he claimed that these costumes were too revealing and that the Lifeguard skin transformed McCree into a “bland male sex symbol, with his shredded abs and whatnot.” Moreover, the fan claimed that Blizzard is trying to promote diversity while also reducing them to “Sex symbols” just so they could boost their investment.

Is the event sexist then?

While the event only has McCree revealing the most skin, he certainly isn’t the only hero wearing some kind of beach get up. Take note that Widowmaker is also sporting her own version of a bikini which just adds to the ongoing summer theme Blizzard had in mind. While they might not be as “sexual,” the game also added Sombra’s diver outfit and Soldier: 76’s parody of an average dad grilling during summer parties.

Revealing or not, all of this falls in line with the overall summer theme which is basically about beaches and having fun in the sun.

When people usually visit these tourist areas, they don’t come marching in covered with cloth from head to toe – especially lifeguards. The lack of clothes actually makes it easier for them to swim and, in turn, save people who are drowning.

Moreover, lack of clothes helps with the heat as you won’t find anyone walking on the beach dressed in jeans or long-sleeved shirts. Having said this, it seems highly unlikely that Blizzard was trying to offend anyone as they simply wanted to capture the essence of the event’s theme.