"Recore: Definitive Edition" will be available to purchase on August 29th, while it can be downloaded for free by owners of the original "ReCore". Developed by Comcept and Armature Studio, with assistance by Asobo Studios, the action-adventure title shall benefit from an upgrade in visuals, as the new version supports 4K and HDR. It isn't just an aesthetic facelift though, as a whole new adventure has been added with a T8-NK Corebot which serves as a companion while traversing these new environments.

A look back at the original 'ReCore'

"ReCore" did not strike much of a chord with gamers or critics; as according to http://www.vgchartz.com, it sold less than 300k units.

To provide a point of reference, "Arms" for the Nintendo Switch sits at 600K in less than two months and the notorious flop "Battleborn" sold 280k on the Xbox One. On Microsoft's home console, Armature's title is the 138 best-selling game.

The lackluster reviews definitely did not help. "ReCore" was praised for introducing some interesting ideas and a novel world, but generally panned for its repetitive gameplay and lack of progression. The combat areas lacked variety making even its relatively short run time somewhat of a grind.

In comparison to some of the other first time IPs released over the last year, it definitely falls short. Still, there is a solid enough foundation to improve upon.

During short bursts, it was fun to control Joule Adams and fight alongside her three robotic machines. If the puzzles and story could be expanded upon, and some more personality is added to the environments, a sequel could be worth playing.

Is the 'Definitive Edition' worth buying?

The price tag for "ReCore: Definitive Edition" will be available for $20, which is tempting.

It is still unknown just how much content is added due to the new content, but the original game alone is worth $20. It will also be added to Xbox Game Pass in September, so subscribers can play it using that service. Comcept and Armature Studio's game is one of seven new titles entering the service next month, alongside "Fabel II" and "Metro: Last Light Redux".

For those unaware of Xbox Game Pass, it is a service that allows players to access over a hundred Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles for $9.99/month. Microsoft billed it as Netflix for games, but unlike the PS NOW, players can download the games directly to their console. So, they do not need to be streamed.