Overwatch” has a unique way of delving into the lore, be it through comics, additional maps, characters, and even move sets. However, the most popular medium would have to be through the beautifully crafted CGI cinematics that really gets the ball rolling. The most recent cinematic Blizzard had released was way back in BlizzCon 2017 when they announced the 25th hero, Sombra. We got a good look at Talon and learned a bit more about their overall goal. Since then, we’ve been mostly getting comics to compensate for the lore.

New cinematic on the way

Luckily, Blizzard has revealed that fans are in for a treat come Gamescom 2017. The said event will take place from August 22-26, and they have some special surprises in store. For “Overwatch,” they have a new map prepared which is most likely the data mined Junkertown which was discovered not too long ago. They’ll also be showing off a cool Doomfit cosplay while the game’s German voice actors will be doing a live performance. Moreover, “Overwatch” FX artist Rachel Day will be presenting her work on Doomfist while the members of the German world cup will have an on-stage panel.

However, the most interesting bit they have prepared for Gamescom 2017 is a new animated short aka cinematic.

This will take place on their main stage and will be live streamed during the Blizzard Reveal Ceremony on Wednesday. Interestingly, this will be the first animated short for their second season of cinematics for the game.


Going back to the new map, a data miner was able to successfully look through the files in the game which hinted at the new map.

This new information stemmed from a new voice line from Athena, the game’s operator, telling the player that they are traveling to Junkertown. From what we know so far, this area is somewhere in the Australian Outback and has a deep lore connection to both Junkrat and Roadhog.

The details about this specific area are still scarce, but there could be a chance that it will be a payload map as we haven’t seen a new one since the game released.

There are plenty of possibilities Blizzard can work with if they plan to release Junkertown. If so, this map will fall in line with the new Deathmatch mode map which ties in with Widowmaker. However, the Deathmatch mode map is only limited to that specific game mode and isn’t a conventional stage.

Those who are looking forward to what Blizzard has in store for “Overwatch” can follow Gamescom 2017 for more information.