The Nintendo Switch obviously launched with great success and continues to enjoy immense popularity until now. Consumers still experience stock shortages and inventory issues with all retailers. It should be noted that despite its popularity, the new console also comes with several reported issues. The most notable one pertains to its Joy-Con controllers and their wireless synchronization problems. This issue was acknowledged by the company and was eventually remedied. However, a new troublesome issue started to affect the game system and this time it involves the Battery.

Issues with the Nintendo Switch battery

There have been several reports from Switch owners regarding the battery of the device. It seems that the problem affects how the hybrid console reports its current power state. Some consumers state that their fully-charged unit comes up as drained with just a few minutes of use. Sometimes there are instances where it does not display the battery status at all. Obviously, this problem does not really affect gamers who have their console docked at all times, but those who prefer to keep it portable are surely upset due to inaccurate information.

A fix becomes available

The latest system software update claims to remedy the Switch’s battery woes. According to Nintendo, the latest patch for the game console brings “general system stability improvements to enhance user’s experience.” Additionally, it also fixes the problem with the charge status being incorrectly displayed or sometimes not at all.

Additional steps to optimize power

Strangely, the software version 3.0.1 patch is accompanied by added procedures to ensure optimization. The process instructs owners to properly condition the device’s battery in order to “gradually” fix the issue. The lengthy step-by-step procedure seems troublesome for gamers who just want to pick up and play their games.

  • Owners should make sure that their console is updated to system menu version 3.0.1 or higher.
  • Toggle the Auto-Sleep option to “Never” both for “Connected to TV” and “Playing on Console Screen”.
  • Directly charge the console until the battery is full which could take up to three hours.Leave the AC adapter and cable connected to the unit for an hour once it is Fully Charged.
  • Disconnect the power adapter and cable and keep the console awake in the HOME Menu until its power is almost depleted.
  • Once the console’s battery is almost drained, turn off the system and let it rest for 30 minutes.
  • Repeat the process several times to optimize the battery and its charge indicator.

It’s quite obvious that the Nintendo Switch owners plagued by battery issues will complain about the additional manual process. Consumers have always expected great quality and no issues from the Japanese gaming company. Yet, issues like these usually come up when the manufacturing process is rushed to meet the demand.