Reportedly, the next DLC characters that will be launched in the “Injustice 2” would be unveiled very soon through a trailer. A few days ago, NetherRealm Studios showcased the trailer of the Tamaranian Princess, Starfire, the latest addition to the roster of characters in the second major game installment. It also served as the grand reveal of the character that has been heavily speculated in the past. If the latest claims are true, it appears that fans will be seeing the next three DLC characters in the game very soon.

Latest hints

During the San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Game Director Ed Boon was asked about the things that fans could expect from the game after Starfire.

Boon remarked that the team is now working on the trailer that will feature the next three DLC characters of the game and will be released soon. Moreover, the director underlined that there would be a surprise that will make fans say, (in his own words) “WOW.”

Potential DLC characters

While Ed Boon did not reveal anything aside from an upcoming trailer, fans are quick to speculate. Among the questions that fans are now raising are, what could be that surprise the game director is talking about and who would be the next characters that NetherRealm Studios will release in the game? So far, few details are hinting on the characters that would be arriving in the second game installment.

Among the many names that came up in the recent speculations is Constantine.

His demonic fighting power is one of his traits that make him one of the fan-favorite personalities in the DC Universe. He even has a blockbuster movie portrayed by no less than “John Wick” himself, Keanu Reeves. Apart from his abilities, fans are looking forward to the types of weapons that will be featured for Constantine.

Another character that is expected to be released in the game after Starfire is Spawn. This character has no roots in the DC Comics. However, his appearances in several games have produced impressive overall effects. His latest is his brief appearance in “Soul Caliber II HD.” It is most likely that he will appear in the game too.

He got an impressive set of abilities and moves that would seem fitting to the culture of the second game installment from NetherRealm Studios.

Moreover, fans are also talking about Static to be one of the next characters to arrive in the game. Originally, this character was reportedly part of the base game’s roster of fighters but was not included for unknown reasons. This fighter has the popular super-charged attacks that could put him on par with Black Lightning. If ever he could be in the game, it would be interesting to see him fight against Raiden of “Mortal Kombat.”

All of these characters are mere speculations for now. Fans are now hoping that upcoming “Injustice 2trailer that would surprise fans will be released soon. Meanwhile, you can check out the trailer of Starfire below.