Game developer Guerilla Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed that a new patch is coming for “Horizon: Zero Dawn.” It will also include a new Difficulty Level for players to take advantage of.

Patch 1.32 has now arrived

The game developers have revealed that patch 1.32 for their video game is now available for download. The contents will fix different types of technical issues, progression issues, and crashes that were reported before the latest patch.

New feature added

A notable and important feature was added in the video game and it was a new Story Mode difficulty.

Some players wanted to play the game for its narration only and they wanted the experience to be quicker. With this easier difficulty setting, it will be easier for them to finish the game.

Some general fixes

The patch fixed several issues that plagued the game like the one that allowed human melee opponents to teleport in front of the player. This gave them an unfair advantage, but with the patch, it is gone now.

There was also an issue in the New Game+ feature that disabled players of fast travel to Sunfall campfires. This happened when the heroine was wearing the Shadow Stalwart Adept armor, but this was fixed right away.

The Revenge of the Nora mission also had an issue. Some of the characters that were fighting enemies would not help Aloy during the Clear the Camps objective.

This was fixed with the new patch.

There were also animation issues on certain events after obtaining a lot of resources. The animations would not work properly and that would stall the game.

Fixes on progression

On New Game+ for “Horizon: Zero Dawn,” a progression issue was spotted during The Point of the Spear mission. The quest would not finish if they dropped the Tripcaster, which was one of the important items to have before talking to Rost.

The Sun Shall Fall quest also had an issue that halted progression. This made players unable to go back to the palace to talk to Blameless Marad. They would be met with closed gates, which were the source of the problem, but it was fixed with the patch.

Fixes on two crash issues

The video game also had two crash issues that happened on several players.

One of the crashes happened when players changed the difficulty of the game while Aloy is dead with an active Errand on tow. The second issue was a crash on taking on a lot of jobs and then changed the difficulty suddenly.

Temporary fix if issues happen

Guerilla Games told the fans of “Horizon: Zero Dawn” to be vigilant if they encounter an issue even after applying the latest patch. They suggested that they would reload a manual save, quick save or an autosave right away if it happens. If it still happens and persists, they suggested that they would take a screenshot of the issue, the map location, and then send it to them so that they could make some fixes right away.

Check out the "Horizon: Zero Dawn" Patch 1.32 features video here: