The latest update for "Overwatch" brought a lot of new things, including new game modes. With patch 1.14 for the video game, Blizzard introduced deathmatch mode, which is separated into two different modes as well. This was a huge step for the game company as "Overwatch" is an objective-based game. The new modes are completely different as players are no longer required to do specific objectives, such as capturing points or escorting payloads.

Deathmatch mode will be split into a free-for-all mode and a team deathmatch. In free-for-all mode, players will have to fight against everyone else and be on their own.

Oi the other mode, they will have a team support, as it will be another battle between two teams.

Just like in classic deathmatch modes in other shooter titles, players will have to get more eliminations than other players in order to win a match.

Deathmatch mode details

Free-for-all deathmatch mode in "Overwatch" will feature eight players who will all play against each other. First player who reaches 20 kills will be a winner. However, finishing in the top four will earn players credit for a weekly loot box reward.

On the other side, team deathmatch will be a 6v6 battle and teams will be required to get to 30 kills in order to win a game. In this mode, there is no doubt that team comp will matter, just like in classic "Overwatch" modes.

New maps and hero changes

Mercy's abilities will be slightly different in deathmatch modes as her Resurrect will now take points away from the enemy team.

Furthermore, the new modes will feature different maps. For example, maps won't have capture objectives or payloads on them anymore. Instead, they will be accommodated to deathmatch modes as players no longer have to do specific objectives.

Furthermore, "Overwatch's" latest update brings another map, Château Guillard. This map is exclusive for deathmatch modes and it's the place where Amelie LaCroix (Widowmaker) used to live. Considering that the map is related to the game character, players will be able to find some interesting pieces of lore in it.

The reason behind the development

It is worth noting that Blizzard revealed in the past their disinterest towards a Deathmatch mode. They just thought such mode would act as an oxymoron to the game as a whole. But apparently, this decision has changed. According to Engadget, the studio simply bowed to the demand of the community. Think of it as a fan service of sort.

For now, it is way too early to propose a Deathmatch mode in professional competition. Obviously, Blizzard will take this into account, but for now, it is all about anticipating its benefits. The mode is slotted in the “Overwatch” Arcade mode.

Arcade mode

It is important to note that "Overwatch" will remain an objective-based game, despite these new modes.

Deathmatch modes will be added to Arcade modes in the game, and they will most likely never be included in the competitive play.

Blizzard simply wants to give various modes to "Overwatch" players, and those players who enjoy classic FPS titles will definitely love deathmatch.