It looks like fans of Injustice 2 will likely get an exciting premiere skin for one of the newly announced DLC characters coming in Fighter Pack 2. That is if the latest tease from the NetherRealm Studios game director is anything to go by.

Ed Boon drops exciting new clue

In his latest post on Twitter, Ed Boon seems to be teasing the plausible addition of another new character whose name starts with Black.

The official roster already has existing fighters that have the word Black in their names like Black Canary and Black Adam.

It will soon include the newly confirmed Black Manta from the second DLC pack.

Boon hints a new DLC character?

But is Boon teasing a fourth character who also has "Black" in their name in the third character pack? Perhaps not yet.

The studio just freshly announced the addition of Black Manta, Raiden, and Hellboy as the latest batch of DLC characters expanding the game's list of the playable roster via Fighter Pack 2. It seems to be so soon for the game director to start trolling his followers with a new fighter for Fighter Pack 3.

So, what does Boon try to suggest in his latest tease? Interestingly, he obviously made mention of the fighters who happen to have the word Black in their moniker as his clue.

The last one, however, is left for some kind of a guessing game for the fans.

Black Lightning premiere skin plausible

Many are saying that Boon may be teasing the addition of Black Lightning premiere skin for Raiden. Notably, these two characters have the abilities to summon lightning, so, it is deemed plausible.

Black Manta gameplay reveal trailer dropped

Meanwhile, NetherRealm Studios dropped a new gameplay trailer for the fourth DLC character, Black Manta. The latest footage shown below offers a closer look at Black Manta in an intense battle against his arch nemesis Aquaman and other fighters in the DC fighting title.

The new teaser shows off a variety of Black Manta’s arsenal unleashed on the King of Atlantis.

It includes the knife attacks, cannons, and explosives, especially the harpoon gun as his signature weapon to use in defeating his opponents.

Moreover, fans of “Injustice 2” also saw his super move in this gameplay video. The villainous character gets to toast his enemies with his powerful optic blasts.

NetherRealm Studios further confirmed that Black Manta will be playable in "Injustice 2" in September but the exact date is unknown at the moment. The game is currently available on Xbox One and PS4.