Hello Games released its action-adventure survival video game back in August 2016, and although the title has been out there for more than a year, the game developer has not ceased supporting it grandly.

Introducing Update 1.3

Since it hit the store shelves, "No Man’s Sky" made every effort to strike a perfect balance between the allure of its mystery and the practicality that makes it's playable.

In a bid to strike that balance, Hello Games released a new update dubbed Atlas Rises to PlayStation 4 and PC on Friday, August 11.

What does the new update bring in?

Rolling out 367 days after "No Man’s Sky" released, Atlas Rises boasts a myriad of changes, small and big. Touted as the title's biggest expansion yet, the 1.3 update encompasses a new and radically overhauled 30 hours of central storyline.

Aside from that, it brings in joint exploration, system economics, trade improvements, mission system, a new procedural, portals and lots more, according to the game's official website.

"No Man's Sky" players have been clamoring for multiplayer since the title was released and much to their delight, the new update allows them to team up with other players. Well, sort of.

A group of up to 16 players which will be represented by glowing orbs will join you in your exploration.

You'll also be able to communicate with them. While the game developer admitted that interaction with others in the game is nothing to cheer about, a report from Gamespot suggests the developer team behind "No Man's Sky" could probably be prepping to take this further. The speculation stems from the fact that Hello Games deemed this as the next step on their journey.

The changes and fixes introduced to the game via update 1.3, Atlas Rises is based on community feedback. Players have been waiting with bated breath for features such as the ability to fly closer to planets' surfaces, and a ship without getting ejected from the cockpit automatically, and to salvage crashed ships, and thanks to the new update, they can now do all of the things above.

At launch, "No Man's Sky" was confusing and a result, it was easy for players to get lost as they explored various planets hoping to encounter strangest creatures and the best sunsets.

Now, the title comprises actual opening missions, in addition to ones that stretch over more than just one galaxy or planet. In her latest report, Kotaku's Gita Jackson says she became well-versed with how to make antimatter on one planet and bumped into her first outpost on the next.

As far as more mysterious additions such as portals are concerned, now there will be an in-game guide that will tell players what to do with them when they find them.

"No Man’s Sky" has been introducing ways for players to make lasting marks on the world by introducing updates such as leaving messages for one another and base sharing, but now they can make a real mark.

Players who have the terraforming add-on can shoot at the ground using their multi tool and either destroy or add terrain. By using a couple of different textures, players can even adjust the size.

When "No Man's Sky" released a lot of players had no idea what it was or trying to be; however, most of them discovered ways to have fun with it. Players now have a better understanding of their game's goals.

It's a survival game featuring base building and with a considerable emphasis on exploration. While it is not exactly revolutionary, Hello Games' popular title is now focused enough to do those things quite well. In other words, "No Man's Sky" is quite easier to play now.