Following the release of update 1.06 in the PlayStation4 platform of “Friday the 13th: The Game, “ a new set of hotfixes rolled out today in to address several bugs in the game. update 1.07 is now out and players can see several improvements in the game.

Update 1.07

Last week, illFonics rolled out a patch for “Friday The 13th: The Game.” While just the other days it released the 1.06 PlayStation 4 update. Today, the latest update addressed several issues in the game. This includes fixing the issue of random character select not properly working. It also rolls out fixes to a not working spawning with a perk.

Moreover, update 1.07 fixes to the corrupted controller image. Players using PlayStation 4 console can see in the update history these tweaks along with the version of the game.

Other tweaks

Aside from the title update, IllFonics also rolls out hotfix today that addresses the game’s perk system. In a matter of 24 hours, the studio was able to release a couple of tweaks to the horror survival game. It appears that more improvements and fixes are coming to the game. Compared to its release version, there are a lot of changes that have been implemented to the game. Players are hoping to see more of these coming soon.

New game character

Meanwhile, there are reports that the game publisher is now looking for ways to introduce a new character in the game, Fox.

It is noticeable that in the game, most characters are not based on the movies. Right now, Gun Media would like to add the iconic character in the horror survival game to honor actress, Gloria Charles. The actress portrayed the role in the movie and passed away in December 2016.

The only reason why the addition was not yet implemented is that Gun Media has not yet reached the actress’ family.

Wes Ketner of Gun Media shared that they wanted to do something with Fox’s character in the game. He also revealed that they have already tried tracking agents and even members of Charles’ estate but was still unsuccessful until now.

Ketner seeks out for fans to help them out in this endeavor. The studio is asking fans to locate the actress’ estate so proper talks could be started.

For Ketner, this is just a small gesture but they are determined to put Fox back to the Crystal Lake.

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