Illfonic promises to provide continuous Support for Friday the 13th: The Game with a bigger development team following a backlash from the fans on social media. It started to receive heavy criticism after the announcement of its new project, “Dead Alliance,” at San Diego Comic-Con last week.

Apparently, this news enraged fans who, back then, had not receive the patch to fix the bugs on Xbox One.

Rumors 100% untrue

Rumors were rife that the development team is abandoning support for “Friday the 13th: The Game” as it shifts focus on the apparent new title.

But Illfonic denied this rumor as 100% untrue.

The much- awaited Xbox One patch was then released days after fans expressed their anger towards the developer. It is aimed to fix a host of bugs, matchmaking issues, and other glitches that players had to endure longer than those on PS4 and PC.

Among the notable changes that came with the patch include a significant reduction in crash instances, increased stability, addition of a Random option in the lobby, patched tons of performance, frame rate bugs, and other persistent problems.

Dev apologizes

Via a Facebook post, Gun Media and Illfonic expressed their sincere apologies for the delay of the patch’s release on Xbox One, which was first rolled out on PC and PS4 platforms.

They said that the update will now greatly improve the playability of the game in line with other platforms.

It also assured fans that the development is monitoring the patch and now currently working on more fixes. The game developer also mentioned that it is excited to offer an additional wealth of content coming to the game.

Amid rumors of abandoning “Friday the 13th: The Game,” Illfonic immediately shot it down by telling fans on Twitter that it even increased the number of people working on the support for F13. It said that there were no resources transferred to the new title as opposed to what the angry fans thought.

Bigger team

Illfonic top executive Charles Brungardt confirmed via a Eurogamer interview that the company called for the addition of more staff to work in the title, given its impressive success.

From an originally 20 member-team, the internal staff focusing on F13 is now increased to 30.

Brungardt also informed its loyal fan base that it opened a second office, in which its single purpose is to support the development of the game. This is to further prove the company’s serious efforts in providing continuous support, contrary to previous reports of abandoning “Friday the 13th: The Game.”