Game director Hajime Tabata teased that there will be a major announcement at the recent Gamescom. It turns out that the big reveal was about “Final Fantasy XV” finally coming to PC.

Finally coming to PC soon

Game company Square Enix revealed that the recently console exclusive video game will be coming to the PC platform. It is scheduled to be released this coming early 2018. This great possibility was all thanks to the partnership with NVIDIA.

GameWorks technology included

The game company also revealed that due to that partnership, the video game port will have a technology called GameWorks.

This will be used for real-time graphics and physics simulations in it, which will enhance it greatly. There are five features that will be included to make the game more impressive.

Fire, combustible fluid, and smoke will be enhanced with NVIDIA Flow. Animals and monsters with a lot of fur will be more dynamic with the help of NVIDIA HairWorks. The hair of the characters in the game will also have influence on the feature.

In “Final Fantasy XVPlayStation 4 standard and Pro versions, characters were not able to cast shadows on their own. With the help of NVIDIA ShadowWorks, they can do so with the upcoming port and the new technology included in the game.

NVIDIA TurfEffects also improves the grass and any other plant life in the game.

It makes it more realistic and even sways when the wind blows. NVIDIA VXAO makes the shadows and lighting blend better making it more realistic and time dependent.

Screenshot tools

The PC port of the video game will also have the GeForce Experience capture tools for screenshots. These tools are the NVIDIA Ansel and the NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights.

Ansel will allow players to make screenshots in any position in the video game. They can also use different types of post-process filters and capture the images in HDR format. They can even make 360 screenshots with the use of their PC, smartphone or even a VR headset.

ShadowPlay Highlights enables players to capture in-game videos and screenshots.

They can then use these items and share them through their social media outlets.

All DLCs included

Square Enix also revealed that all of the downloadable contents or DLCs that were released on the consoles will be included in the PC version. All updates will also be included in the package and it also has a new feature, which is the first person view.

Native 4K and 8K compatible

Final Fantasy XV” on PC will also be compatible with higher resolutions in the platform. PC owners will be able to crank it up to 4K and 8K resolutions because it can support it. HDR10 will also be included and the game company promised that it will be an improved game experience.

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