Square Enix announced that they will release updates on May 24 for "Final Fantasy XV," according to the official Japanese website. In addition, the Update will add new sets of fixes that will include the bug, where the game would forcibly close on the Timed Quest ranking screen. Other than the fixes to the game, the recent survey from Taiwan will add a new recipe for Ignis called "Stinky Tofu with a Mellow Flavor."

"Final Fantasy XV" garnered numerous awards and praises because of its overall gameplay system and detailed graphics. Square Enix and other teams behind the successful title worked countless hours and days to perfect a game that would satisfy the standards of fans.

Square is well-known because of their games and published titles that gathered a lot of attention. The upcoming "Final Fantasy VII Remake" is still awaited by fans because of the unannounced release date. The developers revealed a renewed game style and boosted graphics compared to the PlayStation One (PSX) version.

Winner of the 2nd snapshot contest

Square Enix also held a 2nd snapshot contest with the theme entitled "Gladiolus." The game's screenshot feature is indeed useful for photos. Now, the winner of the said contest will have their photos posted in Hammerhead, a restaurant in "Final Fantasy XV." The winning photograph is posted there for all players to see.

Players can get creative with the use of the screenshot feature. This allows them to take pictures of every angle of the game including battles. Timing and some adjustments are important in photos. With the game's scenery and environment, numerous possibilities lie around every corner in the game's photography feature. Other popular games adapt to this feature as well to give players a sense of freedom and something to remember.

Always ready for the announcements and survey

Square Enix will post announcements frequently on their official website. Furthermore, another costume will be added for Noctis named "Jumper Style" outfit and will be downloadable through PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace. Along with these updates and announcements, Square Enix will hold a web survey for fans and visitors to help them decide what update will come next in the future.

"Final Fantasy XV" is available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The updates are either a thing to look forward to or a boring addition. Square Enix will release their updates at around 4:00 p.m JST. The update contains an average amount of fixes and some additional content compared to the previous one.