Square Enix unleashed the official trailer for the next “#Final Fantasy XV” DLC, dubbed the #Episode Prompto. The game’s upcoming downloadable content goes live on June 27. To give FFXV fans a glimpse of the #DLC, the game maker pitched in a couple of video teasers suggesting that the new “Final Fantasy XV” DLC will be packed with gun slinging action.

The next DLC focuses on Prompto

The next DLC of the “Final Fantasy XV” focuses on one of the game’s main characters, Prompto. The downloadable content will feature Prompto’s adventures after he was separated from the group.

However, this is FFXV’s second character-driven DLC. Wherein, the video game developer rolled out Episode Gladiolus back in March, and might launch Episode Ignis DLC in the near future.

The video teaser of the game's Episode Prompto DLC featured how Prompto fell from a train to a snow-covered region. The teaser suggests that the upcoming downloadable content will be a side story of self-discovery, as Prompto is bound to discover his history. But, it appears that the protagonist does not like what he discovered, as Prompto can be heard shouting that he is a Lucian.

The new DLC of the open world action role-playing video game will also feature Prompto riding a snowmobile, which would make the character’s icy exploration a fast paced one.

However, the Episode Prompto DLC is said to include the latest form of Regalia, the Regalia Type - D, this will allow gamers to go off-roading within the “Final Fantasy XV.”

While the main story of the video game focused on Ignis, Gladios and Noctis, the upcoming DLC will finally reveal what happened to Prompto before the main protagonist of FFXV rescued him.

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Another interesting thing about the game’s upcoming downloadable content is the sudden change in sub-genre, as it takes in some parts of the new episode.

Episode Prompto to feature special character Aranea Highwind

Aside from the new DLC’s refreshing change of pace, FFXV players will enjoy the handguns, rifles, rocket launchers, snowmobiles and bazookas.

The Episode Prompto DLC is also said to feature special character Aranea Highwind.

Meanwhile, another expansion of the video game, dubbed as the Comrades, is expected to bring in four-player co-op that features all four main FFXV characters, but the game developer has not pitched in the release date for this add-on. Also, the Monsters of the Deep in the FFXV universe is slated to roll out in September for PlayStation VR.