Millions of fans of the “Elder Scroll 5: Skyrim” has a lot of reasons to be happy with how the current game is faring off. But surely, they would be more pleased to know that the sequel to this great game is finally launching anytime soon. In fact, there have been a lot of rumors and excitement going on about the future of “Elder Scroll 6.”

To follow the success of the previous installment

It was November of 2011 when Bethesda announced the Skrim version worldwide for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. It was so massive that it became an instant hit when it went available in the market the next month.

A lot of game reviewers gave high remarks for the game for eliminating the character class system and for creating a unique and spectacular world view.

People consider it as the most beautiful game ever made especially in Bethesda’s list of previous games. It is very well thought of and well executed overall. Those who played the game know that it is hard to focus on the mission because of many distractions that they encounter along the way. A short walk along the supposed path can lead to other interesting and curious places and caves.

With the “Elder Scroll 5’s” success, it is not too far off to assume that there will be another sequel to the title series. And this is where the next installment will come in.

More clues about the game

Creators of the “Elder Scroll 6” confirmed its future, but there is still no clue on how the game play will be. There is also no information where the quest will take place.

Looking at the clues that the people involved with the game have left for everyone, people can speculate on some of the things about the upcoming game.

Back in 2014, a memo distributed to all the employees of Bethesda prohibits them from mentioning anything about the “Fallout,” “Elder Scroll 6” and “Project Greenheart.”

Project Greenheart is the only clue that seems to ring some bells. Apparently, there happens to have a city named Greenheart in the Verdant region of Valenwood.

It’s also in the world of “Elder Scroll 5.”

After the E3 event this year, Bethesda confirmed that they are currently working on three game titles. One of which is for mobile and the other remaining two will be AAA games. The fact that they have plans for the “Elder Scroll 6” game is enough reason to wait. And what was it about the latest post from ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda? They are currently looking for tools engineers to work in an AAA development environment. It could be nothing, but still, it’s a sign.