Dead by Daylight has a double dose of DLC treats for Xbox One and PS4 players coming this month. The game developer also revealed the reason why the console version of the game won’t likely get Bill Overcheck from theLeft For Dead” franchise.

Official release dates not set

Behavior Interactive game producer Mathieu Cote confirmed that both the Halloween and Lullaby For The Dark will be out on consoles in August. Unfortunately, there are no specific release dates attached to the two DLCs yet.

According to Cote, it no longer depends on them but on the process of approval from Microsoft and Sony.

The official release date will be made final once they give the developer a green light for the launching of these two DLC packs on their respective gaming consoles.

Possible addition of licensed characters

In his most recent interview, Cote talked about the possible addition of some licensed characters that will make their way to “Dead by Daylight.”

When asked if there will be more licensed characters coming to the game down the line, he responded that the studio is open to the idea and even sat down with several license holders about such possibilities.

The game producer said that the universe and the lore that the team created for the asymmetric survival horror video game provide a leeway for particular licenses to be involved in the game.

For example, Michael Meyers fits into the game’s world so well that the studio does not need to defy the rules so he’d fit as a killer with game mechanics.

He went on to add that while it is essential that Behavior Interactive should look for an opportunity of a franchise to be part of the game, it needs to be a good match first and foremost.

More importantly, these possible characters should also offer fresh excitement to further improve the quality of the gaming experience.

Bill Overcheck won’t be in console version

It is also said that Bill Overcheck from Valve’s "Left for Dead" franchise won’t make it to the console version of the game. That is despite the fact that he makes a perfect fit for the game’s lore.

The reason behind it is that Valve owns the right to Bill, and the character is exclusive to Steam/PC.

Movie or TV show possible

In closing, Cote was asked if fans could see a full-length movie based on the “Dead by Daylight” video game, and he loves this idea. He said it could also work perfectly as a TV show.

Given that it’s their brand and original IP, the producer said it is rightfully in their hands to do these projects if there won't be obstacles along the way.

“Dead by Daylight” was initially launched on PC on June 14, 2016, and after quite a wait, the slasher game finally hit Xbox One and PS4 a year after on June 20.