Several players left “Battlefield 1” because they felt that the game did not offer much, and its downloadable contents arrived late. At the recently held Gamescom 2017 event, Electronic Arts and DICE announced a new “Battlefield 1” update called “Incursions.” The developer is hoping to lure back the players that left. The update will bring a new 5v5 competitive mode and a team-based battle, which features infantry and vehicles.

What’s with the Incursions mode?

Incursions will feature a smaller scale squad-based action. According to a report from IGN, players are allowed to choose from one of the eight character kits available (Control Leader, AT Assault, Trench Surgeon, Battle Mechanic, Mortar Support, Raid Leader, Shock Assault, and Proximity Recon) in Incursions mode.

A closed alpha test for “Battlefield 1” Incursions mode will go live in September.

Choose your own kits?

Characters kits are subsets of regular classes, which offer specialized abilities. In the Incursions closed alpha, players can choose the characters like Trench Surgeon, specialized in healing and reviving, Control Leader, specialized to use smoke grenades which can be spawned while out of combat, and AT Assault, specialized in taking out enemy vehicles. Then there's Battle Mechanic, specialized in operating any vehicles, Mortar Support, specialized in using mortars, Raid Leader specialized in placing spawn beacons, Shock Assault an all-around fighter, and Proximity Recon specialized in using Intel to dispose of enemies.

Scoring in “Battlefield 1” Incursions mode has been changed. Players should expect that earning points will presumably be tighter. Electronic Arts and DICE haven’t announced any specific details regarding the new scoring rules. Interested players can sign up for closed alpha on the game’s official website.

Lupkow Pass Update notable changes

Electronic Arts recently released the “Battlefield 1” Lupkow Pass Update, which includes the mandatory patches for weapons, maps, vehicles, and other in-game contents. The update also added a new map for the expansion “In the Name of the Tsar.” The new map will bring players to the Russian Carpathian Mountains, which is a wintery and treacherous location.

Electronic Arts said that the new map is a pretty nice-looking arena of death. According to GameSpot, the Lupkow Pass Update is a required update for all “Battlefield 1” players. To access the Lupkow Pass, you will require a "Battlefield 1" Premium Pass or the “In the Name of the Tsar” expansion.