"No Man's Sky's" 1.33 Patch has brought in some pretty neat stuff within the game. However, it also ushered in some bugs that have been causing some minor issues in the space exploration title. In response to this, Hello Games recently dished out another update that provided workarounds for these minor setbacks.

Patch 1.34 finally dropped

The 1.34 update for "No Man's Sky" went out a couple of days ago and is currently in full effect. One of the most pressing concerns addressed by its player base is the game's save feature. Most of the fans are having a hard time saving their progress due to a "large number of portal visits being added to save files." The developer also stated that they are still checking on the hitch as it still persists on some users.

A fix was also implemented in "No Man's Sky's" terrain editor where there's an issue while players try to edit empty voxels. Glitches within the title's non-playable characters, glyphs, and some awkward animations were also given some workarounds thanks to the new patch.

Teleportation tweaks

The latest patch also made some improvements within the game's teleporting feature as players can now teleport directly to some of their stations including the main base. It also added the number of units players will be earning for every Analysis Visor discovery.

Scan to earn those bucks

That being said, players now have an easier way to rake in some money within the game through a simple tagging of a planet's flora and fauna.

To begin stacking up on those monetary resources, players need to have the upgrades for the scanner namely the flora/fauna analyzer tau, sigma, and theta.

Tau and Sigma analyzers are not that hard to find especially if players are looking within Corvex Space Stations. The Theta analyzer, on the other hand, may be a bit difficult to come by.

These add-ons will increase the number of money players will be getting each time they analyze, scan, and tag both creatures and vegetation of a certain planet.

Once completed, players can now scan any organism within that planet. The amount of money will depend on the level of a creature/plant as they are categorized as common, uncommon, and rare.

One of the neat features that went alongside patch 1.34 is that players can now see how much they got for each scan that they made.

For the full contents of the new "No Man's Sky" update, fans might want to check the game's patch notes. Watch a video about the game here: