The American video game company, Electronic Arts, recently announced that two of its games will be joining the EA Access and Origin Access free-game libraries. The said games are the first-person shooters “Titanfall 2” and “Battlefield 1.” According to a report from GameSpot, “Battlefield 1” was added to the game library today, while “Titanfall 2” arrived for subscribers last month.

‘Battlefield 1’ in EA and Origin Access boosts number of players

The arrival of “Battlefield 1” onto EA and Origin Access comes in advance of the release of the upcoming downloadable content expansion pack “In the Name of the Tsar.” The game was officially launched last October 2016.

“Battlefield 1” is one of 2016’s best-selling games. According to the latest count by Electronic Arts, the game now has 21 million players worldwide. The release of “Battlefield 1” onto EA Access and Origin Access also helps to increase its number of players.

The subscription offers unlimited access to the EA games library and pre-release trials. Subscribers can get a 10 percent discount for every digital EA purchase. The subscription costs $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year. “Battlefield 1” is a huge hit, and bringing the game to EA and Origin Access is a great move by the developer. EA and Origin Access are subscription services for the platforms Xbox One and PC.

‘In the Name of the Tsar’ new features

The “In the Name of the Tsar” expansion pack will be launched in September for premium pass owners. The downloadable content will bring six new maps, which include some night maps like Neville Nights and Prise da Tahure. There will also be new additional classes and weapons. The controversial female soldier class in the Women’s Battalion of Death might also be included.

Specialization system soon to arrive

In other news, “Battlefield 1” is planning to add new character perks and special abilities called Specialization. The Specialization system is currently under testing on the game’s CTE (Community Test Environment). The new update will allow the players to select three perks: one general perk and two more tied to their weapon kit.

Specializations for the Assault class are juggernaut and controlled demolition. Medic Specializations are concealed rescue and stimulant syringe. Scout Specializations are scapegoat and perimeter alarm. Support Specializations are unbreakable, pin down, and hasty retreat.