Bungie has something that “Destiny 2” players will definitely like. According to the latest leak, players will have Legendary Weapons with intrinsic perks and color-changing shaders among others. If the recent leak is accurate, then it could be one of the wishes ticked off from the players’ list.

Latest leak

On Reddit, a user by the name EireneRR4_ posted interesting information about Bungie’s second game installment. The Redditor claimed to have attended the Beta Experience of “Destiny 2” conducted by Virgin Media in London earlier today. The Reddit user also shared several images from the event.

The Redditor also shared that there were three boxes located on the game’s inventory screen. At the bottom left part of the inspect weapon page. Under the perk tree, there were three boxes. Each box has a label describing it. One of the boxes is labeled the mod box with empty slots. Another box is tagged as the elemental box for energy weapons. The third box is labeled shader box with a load of empty slots.

According to EireneRR4_ weapons have inherent perk related to them, which will be distinct for every weapon. While the three trees beside the intrinsic perk will stay the same, the Reddit user said that the perk has the possibility to have a different stat-boost on each weapon. The user also describes the weapons as all legendary and not exotic.

Further, the Redditor shared that there is a chance that players will have many mods and shaders available for the in-game legendary guns. This is one of the most requested and the highly anticipated features of players for a couple of years already.

In the previous game installment and its DLCs, the majority of the legendary weapons had an entirely different stat rolls and perks.

So the latest information seems that this will be changed in the upcoming game. However, given that the intrinsic perks have the possibility of being different in every gun, players will still have good reason to grind for the weapons.

Other details

The early access period of the game’s beta for PlayStation 4 users will start tomorrow.

It will officially be available for all consoles starting July 21. The first-person shooter game is scheduled to release on September 6. It will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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