Many companies are now swarming over the growing Mobile Phone Game market, we have the likes of Square Enix and its upcoming "Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition," AMC and Next Games team up for "The Walking Dead: Our World," and we also have Nintendo and Niantic's "Pokémon GO," many believe that reaching out to this mobile phone game market will expand and escalate the numbers of their fanbase and eventually allow the to see an increase in their revenue.

They may be right, as today's generation of gamers start-early by playing games through their mobile phone devices.

Kids are now just a tap away from downloading a game from their phones, eliminating the occasional trip to the arcade or to your local hobby shop to buy a cartridge for your SNES or a 2-disk game for your PlayStation. Today's advancement in technology demands an answer to the growing need of making these games readily available electronically, hence, we see the rise of small-scale gaming in Mobile Phones. Easily a fast and efficient way to make money as big companies simply need to expand an established title thus eliminating the hassle of developing a new game which often times prove to be more expensive. Capcom is sure to not let this opportunity pass.

Rough diamonds

Capcom recently announced the development of a new addition to the "Puzzle Fighter" series developed for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

The new "Puzzle Fighter" is said to be made available soon through a soft-launch in selected regions and will be made available globally later this year. "Puzzle Fighter" is a one or two player tile-matching puzzle video game that was first released in the spring of 1996.

In the original game, characters from Capcom's two main fighting game series appear in super-deformed art style, which many find cute and appealing.

These characters perform a comic battle depending on the progression of the puzzle game. The actions performed by the characters, however, are purely cosmetic and will have no bearing on the actual game.

Cuteness overload

The new "Puzzle Fighter" will include fan favorites like SF's Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li, X from "Mega Man" also makes an appearance as well as the sexy succubus Morrigan from "Darkstalkers" and Frank West from "Dead Rising." According to Capcom, these characters will have special voice overs and special moves.

The new game will have an assist mechanic, reminiscent of the "Marvel versus Capcom" games that allow players to enhance the main character's abilities.

Capcom is yet to announce how much will this new game sell for or if it will feature its own in-app purchases. The game will be made available to Apple and Android devices via iTunes' App Store and Google Play.