"Pokémon GO" developer Niantic gave fans a treat this weekend as they introduced a new addition to the game's shiny roster. A shiny Pikachu was made available over the weekend to help kick off The Pokémon Company's Pikachu Outbreak event in Japan.

The shiny mouse was initially an exclusive catch for the attendees of the said event, which left "Pokémon GO" players outside of Japan hoping that they would someday get the chance to catch the sparkling Pikachu.

The addition of this creature is considered significant by fans as it does not only commemorate an official event but it also is the third Pokémon to have a shiny version after shiny Magikarp and shiny Gyarados, Shiny Pikachu can also evolve into shiny Raichu and a shiny Pichu is said to be available by hatching Pokémon eggs.

The wait is over

Shiny Pikachu is now made available worldwide as sightings of the electric mouse have been reported by players from North America, Europe and Australia. Developer Niantic hopes to increase the game's fan base and the company revenue as they bank on the success of past shiny Pokémon releases. Over half a billion shiny Magikarps were caught when Niantic released their first shiny Pokémon (shiny Gyarados).

Die-hard fans will not think twice about spending money for a rare catch, in-game purchases such as lures and superior Pokéballs will increase their chance to get Pikachus's shiny version.

The Pikachu filter

The Pokémon Company released a Pikachu lens for the Snapchat application for all those Pokémon fans to use.

It seems that the hype train is on, as Nintendo and Niantic attempt to turn the trend of previous Pokémon events. The Pikachu filter will be made available for a limited time only and fans would have to take snapshots of themselves with ears, nose and cheeks of the iconic Pokémon mouse before the Pikachu filter is discontinued.

The iconic mouse will appear when you open your mouth, Pikachu will give you a kiss and scream in your face, all while unleashing some Thundershock moves on the screen.

In other "Pokémon Go" news, the people behind the game announced the coming of Mewtwo which will be made available for "Pokémon GO" trainers in Exclusive Raid Battles in the weeks to come.

Regarded as one of the series' strongest Pokémon and a character with philosophical depth, Mewtwo first appeared in the video games Pokémon Red and Blue and their sequels.

The "Pokémon GO" app is available for download for iOS and Android mobile phone devices.