AMC has partnered up with video game developer Next Games to bring hordes of walkers to the real world. The upcoming Mobile Phone Game 'The Walking Dead: Our World' takes inspiration from location-based augmented reality mobile game 'Pokémon GO' and uses the aid of Apple's ARKit to deliver the walkers from the hit TV show to your own neighborhood.

Since its first release 'Pokémon Go' had proved to be a huge hit, the mobile phone game was able to add more numbers to Pokémon's already massive fan base and furthermore acted as a beckoning platform to introduce the newer generation of players to the Pokéverse.

Apparently, AMC reached out to Next Games in high hopes to get the same result. The TV series The Walking Dead has already made a name for itself and have had a number of followers who are ready to pay for an immersive zombie experience. Sure, 'The Walking Dead: Our World' cannot rival 'Pokémon Go' in this manner but it's nevertheless a good start.

Walking with the dead

'The Walking Dead: Our World' utilizes location-based augmented reality principles that allow players to put themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse whenever, wherever. With the use of a mobile device, one can simply pass time by sticking knives into a zombie's head, shoot a 3-round burst to an undead's chest or cut off a walker's arms with a flawless swing of a katana.

The game trailer looks promising, though we find it hard to imagine running around at a grocery store without accidentally causing panic. It would probably be hard playing this game on your smart phone while taking a dump, though TWD fans would surely appreciate walking past zombies in a dark alley in the middle of the night.

A familiar ground

'The Walking Dead: Our World' game is currently developed by Finnish studio Next Games, the same guys are behind the hit mobile strategy game 'The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land.' Next Games claims that the said application has already been downloaded more than 16 million times, a solid number that could escalate upon the arrival of 'Our World.'

Having developed an earlier game from the same title, Next Games will be well-positioned and would be well equipped with enough experience and information to produce another TWD hit game. No exact release date has been set for 'The Walking Dead: Our World,' but the game will be available for download for Apple and Android devices via iTunes' App Store and Google Play.