More details about the upcoming game “Destiny 2” are hitting the web recently. With the imminent release of the game in the console a few days from now, it appears that details about Bungie’s first-person shooter are arriving. The latest details reveal that the Vex could start the game’s first DLC.


Vex are the robotic life forms in the game and are known to be one of the anti-heroes. However, in the narrative arc of “Destiny 2,” was previously revealed to center on the Red Legion and the game’s primary antagonist, Ghaul. In other words, the enemy race of the Vex will not play a significant part in the game’s story.

Interestingly, the game developer hinted that players would gain clues while playing the game that will reveal the involvement of the Vex in the game.

On YouTube, game director Luke Smith shared interesting details about Bungie’s second game installment. He answers one of the fan’s questions about the role of the Vex in the war with Red Legion. According to the game director, the Vex does not play a specific part in the conflict between the Red Legion.

However, Smith notes that while players are exploring the different content of the title, they will be directed to the places where the developer will go next. The developer adds that the fun part of making and playing games is to see that intention and knowing that it is all going somewhere.


Smith’s answer sums up the game’s first expansion. Based on the art linked to it appears to involve the character known in the community as Osiris. In the game’s lore and narrative, the character will discover that he is a Guardian that has expertise on tracking and defeating the Vex.

It is worth noting that six months ago, a cinematic that features the Vex was leaked.

The video was immediately taken down. However, it is now becoming clear that the leaked cinematic is set in the Planet of Lo. A planet that players will soon explore in the upcoming game.

While there are several details, which reveal the participation of the Vex in the game, it seems that they will not play a substantial role in the primary campaign.

However, there is a high possibility that the robotic life forms will play a significant role in the game’s downloadable content. So far these are all speculations and players will only know the real part of the Vex when the game officially releases. On September 6, 2017, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will get to play the game first. On the other hand, PC players can start enjoying “Destiny 2” on October 24, 2017.