"Final Fantasy XV" hits iOS, Windows, and Android devices this fall as Square Enix bring fans the "Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition." FF 15's all guy group transforms to big-headed Pop! Vinyl-looking characters, as opposed to their majestic looks in the game's main title. This sensible transition from their glorious masculine appearance to their new cute chibi look was based on the game's pocket-sized theme.

An epic road trip

The game recounts the story of Noctis and his group as they make the journey to the land of Eos. The pocket edition is aimed to give fans and newcomers the freedom to journey the open-world of "Final Fantasy XV" whenever and from wherever they want.

The mobile game features the main characters and story of the console version and of the newly-announced FF XV Windows Edition. The FF XV Pocket Edition fares well for an open-world game with touch-based controls though players who played the console version of the main video game title might find that the same mechanics are carried over. The story of the game is divided into 10 episodes, the first being a free content and the remainder to be sold as in-app purchases.

A fantastic franchise

Whether Square Enix is only milking FF 15 or if the game is a result of another whimsical approach for the sake of consumerism, FF15's marketing team banks on the Pocket Edition to reach out to the vast market of mobile device games.

A bold move to increase the game's fan base, Square Enix hopes that the game's cute art style will appeal to mobile and existing players alike.

The original FF XV game won numerous Game of the Year awards from several video game media channels. According to Square Enix's report, the game shipped five million units worldwide in both physical shipments and digital sales, the game was well received that it resulted to multiple tie-ups which were then used by staff to expand upon the story without developing multiple games.

This idea created a whole universe revolving around FF 15. The titles include the feature film "Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV" and the anime series "Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV." Other mobile game titles include King's Knight: "Wrath of the Dark Dragon, Justice Monsters Five" and "Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire."

FF 15 universe is also set to feature "Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV" which another spin-off developed for the PlayStation VR. The VR spin-off is set to launch November 21 and will immerse players in a fishing adventure with Noctis and the gang.