Despite the original "Destiny" receiving a less than warm reception upon its release, with most praising the gameplay but lambasting the short story mode and repetitive missions, it is still hard to think of a more hyped up sequel in recent years. It is not too hard to see why either; as Bungie might have failed to live up to expectations, but they did a fantastic job of improving the game over subsequent years.

The gameplay was satisfying and easy to enjoy, so if they could improve upon the story presentation and, perhaps, tweak the missions, "Destiny 2" might be something special.

Open Beta lasts until August 31st

While console gamers patiently wait for the official release date, those among us who prefer PC can get their hands on some content as early as next Tuesday, August 29. "Destiny 2" will be available through Blizzard's service, and the Open Beta can be accessed using the same method. Those who take part in the beta can pre-load the game now, although it will not be playable until the 29th. For the select few that pre-ordered "Destiny 2", it will be available to play a day earlier.

Following the console beta held in July, a few tweaks to the gameplay have been implemented by Bungie. Matchmaking for PvP is now dependent on which mode was chosen, as quick play will prioritize getting players into a match as soon as possible, with skill levels being given less focus.

On the flip side competitive mode prioritizes finding players of the same skill level, so the load times could be longer.

What is included in the Beta?

Players will soon be able to experience the opening story mission for "Destiny 2", which received near universal praise during the console beta. In terms of multiplayer, Control and Countdown are playable with two maps.A handful of sub-classes and their abilities can be tested by players, like Warlock's Dawnblade and Hunter's Gunslinger.

As only one story mission is packaged, the beta provides a perfect time to experiment with a few different playing styles. At a minimum, Bungie recommends a CPU i3-3250 and a GTX 660 graphic card. This is just the lowest specs listed, as the recommended settings are a GTX 970 graphics card and an i5-2400 CPU. These specs are for the beta, so they could very well change for the full game. Just going from the ones available, it is suggested that most decent computers should be able to handle "Destiny 2."

The full version of "Destiny 2" will be available from September 6, 2017.