Battlefield 1” is getting better and better. Electronic Arts teased that the upcoming new Content to the franchise will give the “richest Battlefield experience.”

New content for next month

EA CEO Andrew Wilson dropped hints about the upcoming new content for the game. He released some teasers during the Question And Answer portion of the company’s investor call. He said the new content will make the gaming experience of Battlefield 1 the “richest” version ever. It will feature new modes and maps.

The CEO also revealed in the EA investor call that they would launch the new content very soon.

Gamers can expect the debut in the upcoming Gamescom in August. Furthermore, Wilson also revealed that the upgrade would be in eSports mode. He details that it will feature challenges where gamers can engage in competitive matches. He also added that gamers could compete with up to 64 players.

'Battlefield 1' reached 21M mark

EA proudly announced that “Battlefield 1” community has already reached the 21 million mark. The game developer took the announcement to its official Twitter account. In the tweet, the developer celebrated the new milestone of the game. The post detailed that there are already more than 21 million unique players of the game.

Brusilov Keep released

EA released the latest map for the CTE version of “Battlefield 1.” The Brusilov Keep is one of the six maps with In the Name of the Tsar DLC.

The new map features an urban setting and has four flags. The perimeter is small and has plenty of access.

This setting makes the game more challenging as enemies can attack from any of the available routes. This also meant gamers could expect plenty of turmoil.

Weapons in the upgraded CTE version

The Brusilov Keep map came out with several weapons too, where infantry is the focus.

It features few vehicle combat but not including planes. The list of weapons in the CTE version includes a double barrelled shotgun, two kinds of Maxim SMG, MG14 Parabellum, Vetterli M1870 and Nagant Revolver sidearm. It also features various rifles like the General Liu rifle, Fedorov Avtomat rifle, and the Mosin Nagant rifle.

What else to expect

EA posted a copy of the financial report for the first quarter on their website. The CEO stated that the company had an outstanding quarter. Wilson said their popular franchises like “Battlefield,” “Star Wars” and “The Sims” had established a powerful momentum. He also shared they are now moving forward into a “year of tremendous innovation.”

The second installment of Battlefield

Wilson also announced during the question and answer portion of the investor call that they would also launch the next installment of the franchise. The CEO confirmed it would come out in the financial year 2019, which is anytime from October 2018 to September 2019.