A sniper is a marksman or qualified specialist capable of carrying out mission specific tasks from providing reconnaissance information to eliminating high-value targets. Depending on the need of their mission a sniper can operate alone, in a pair, or with a sniper team. They have been known to execute long range rifle marksmanship against enemy fire or against the pressure of time demanding missions, though most of the time Snipers take out targets in concealed positions or distances avoiding the detection of enemy personnel.

In the real world and video games, snipers are valued for the variety of skill set they have been known to employ.

Today we look into the best snipers in video games.

Tanya Pavelovna

Lieutenant Tanya Pavelovna is a female soldier in "Call of Duty: Finest Hour" who fought for the Russians during World War II. Tanya's weapon of choice is a scoped Mosin-Nagant rifle though she can pick up the standard assortment of Russian and German weaponry as she progresses through the levels in the game.

Tanya's first appearance in the game was in the mission "The Flag Must Fall" where she spent the majority of the day tracking down a sniper from the German side, hounding him throughout the ruins of Stalingrad until she finally caught up to him at Mamayev Kurgan. The female lieutenant tirelessly waited for the German sniper to expose his position before her attack and possibly eliminating her target with one shot.

As it turned out, the opposing sniper's target was Private Aleksandr Sokolov who later became her spotter in the game.

Irvine Kinneas

Irvine Kinneas is a playable character in "Final Fantasy VIII" and is known to be the last permanent character member to join your party. An expert gunman, he earned the title "best shooter in Garden." Irvine is known for being the best marksman, to the point that he was appointed as the SeeD's sharpshooter during an assassination mission.

This crack shot wields a shotgun but favors using Exeter, his ultimate weapon in the game. Our dead-eye cowboy swoons the ladies with his loner sharpshooter persona, but despite his playful and suave image, Irvine is not shallow; he shows himself to have a sharp mind and cares deeply for the group's members.


Quiet made a list not because of her looks or because of her cutscene with Venom Snake while she danced in the rain, we included Quiet simply because of her superb shooting skills.

In another cutscene that took place in "Metal Gear Solid V:: The Phantom Pain," Quiet took out a fighter jet while protecting protagonist Venom Snake, and yes, she did that in a helicopter. Imagine how tough of a shot it would be to aim and shoot in an unstable platform? Her weapon is the Renov-ICKX, a fully customized sniper rifle fitted with laser sights and nicknamed "Wicked Butterfly." A skilled combatant and assassin, she proves herself as a worthy "buddy" to Venom Snake.