One of the most highly anticipated titles this year is no other than “Killer Instinct,” a free-to-play brawler game. Interestingly, developer Double Helix Games made some interesting announcement regarding the game’s future in the industry. In one way or another, this big reveal will only excite fans the most.

Basically, “Killer Instinct” will no longer be confined to an exclusive game for Windows Store. That is because it is heading to Steam later on this year, though no exact has been announced yet. Here is everything about this interesting milestone in a nutshell.

Full Steam ahead

The news first broke out at CEO 2017 in Florida, but the studio later confirmed the announcement on Twitter. It remains a mystery, however, as to how exactly the game will arrive at the aforementioned platform. In most cases, there should be a base free version of the title, rotating the release of free and playable characters weekly. But if the developers are to move forward with a Definitive Edition, players will definitely acquire the game along with all of the free playable characters.

Double Helix Games iterated that more details about the release of “Killer Instinct” on Steam will soon be unveiled.

After all, they do not want to leave the fans of the game behind. Meanwhile, the studio unleashed a video featuring the newest character to arrive in the game. His name is Eagle, who made his first appearance at CEO.

Introducing Eagle

In the lore of “Killer Instinct,” Eagle is the brother of Thunder, a character who was teased back in December.

He is deemed to be the third character to be released by the studio following the arrival of the game’s third season. He is best known for being equipped with a bow and arrow. His spirit animal, which is obviously an eagle, has the ability to retrieve missed shots and return them to the character.

Interestingly, Double Helix Games sought the help of the indigenous people situated in Pacific Northwest in helping create the new “Killer Instinct” character.

So, in a sense, everything about Eagle in the game is somewhat consistent in reality. The fighter’s arrival has been well-accepted, with players voicing their interest towards the new character. The video game company has definitely developed a character with very strong origins and/or background story. To give fans a better understanding of him, an extended trailer was released at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).