When "Kingdom Hearts" was initially launched on PlayStation 2 gaming platform, it was an immediate hit. Square Enix’s Final Fantasy along with Disney has decided to revive the action-RPG series once again. Dubbed as "Kingdom Hearts III," the upcoming action game is expected to launch sometime in 2018. It is much obvious that rumors and speculations regarding the same will surface online before the final launch. Following given information is what can be accumulated by the numerous leaks that surfaced in the recent past.

Game will be available on PlayStation and XBOX

As reported by Digital Trends, game developer of "Kingdom Hearts Iii," Square Enix at Disney’s 2017 D23 Expo revealed that they were planning on launching the action gaming series at the beginning of 2018. They also further added that the game would be introduced on both, PlayStation as well as Xbox One gaming platforms. While they have said that the game will arrive sometime next year, an exact launch-date is still unknown. Previously, director Tetsuya Nomura claimed that the latest version of the action game would launch in May 2017. However – due to reasons unknown – that did not take place. As far as the gameplay of the upcoming game is concerned, it seems like the game developer has decided to follow the same theme as the one introduced in "Kingdom Hearts II." In fact, unofficial game-play trailers for the upcoming "Kingdom Hearts III," have been launched already.

The video reveals that the ideas in the upcoming game are pretty much inspired by what already existed in its predecessor. An immersive 3D experience will be integrated into the game as well. It appears like the gamers are in for a pleasant surprise; at least as far as the "Kingdom Hearts III" game is concerned.

New features in the game

Apart from this, the Game Developers are also expected to add a new feature to its upcoming game. These features include Attraction Flow and Keyblade Transformations among others. Under the "Attraction Flow" feature, gamers will be able to avail new and powerful attacks that make the gaming experience a lot more surprising.

On the same hand, "Keyblade Transformations" essentially allows the main character of the game to transform his weapon as per the gamer’s preference. The storyline of the upcoming game will see the main character, Sora, returning to the Kingdom of hearts. This is where he ends up meeting several other characters including Donald Duck, King Mickey and even characters from the Toy Story.