Now that July is about to end, it is interesting to see the stuff Ubisoft has in store of “For Honor.” After all, it is still an interesting game – despite the flaws – thanks to its near-perfect combat system. Interestingly, the studio just concluded a livestream in which they revealed some new updates coming to the fighting-themed title.

According to The Sixth Axis, if Ubisoft wants to ensure the future of “For Honor,” they need to make some drastic moves. Fortunately, they are – dedicated servers are finally coming. But apart from that, here are some of the most interesting things fans have been hoping to see in the game.

A brand new game mode

Since the beta days, Dominion has been the only go-to mode of players whenever they play the game. It is a four-on-four clash, which gives players a new approach in fighting. However, not everyone is pleased with this mode. That is because they want bigger and better modes to invade the game.

For Honor” players are dying to see a mode that is not only refreshing but is also unique. The only catch here for Ubisoft is the strategy they will need to promote consistency. Remember, this title is not a shooter-themed game; it is a fighting game and thus need to have good, working in-game mechanics.

More of those Trophies and Achievements

For some “For Honor” players, Trophies and Achievements are nothing but a scourge.

But for most, they speak of incentive, reward, and even greatness. It inspires players to do better than what they are doing. At least, it fuels them to do something significant to achieve, say, a milestone.

Perhaps Ubisoft can tie Trophies and Achievements to online play. But to make it useful, they have to introduce more of them.

Otherwise, they will not make total sense at all.

Total server overhaul

Just recently, the studio announced that dedicated servers will soon arrive in “For Honor.” These will soon replace the infamous peer-to-peer system, which caused so many issues and disconnection. However, the video game company has yet to reveal a specific release date for the said servers.

For now, players will have to satisfy themselves with the P2P system. Fortunately, Ubisoft promised to introduce improvements to keep the connection issues at bay.

If the studio so badly wants to redeem “For Honor,” they must start with the servers. These have been the number one cause of issues in the game. Players get disconnected, while some are unable to join matches. The company needs to go for desperate measures if they want to keep the game alive.