“Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” is still one of the best video games to play, even if it was launched almost two years ago. While the player base is now dwindling thanks to newer games these days, there are still some new players trying it out for the first time. Here are some of my tips on how to have a good base.

Capture soldiers that have the highest stat ranks

In a mission, there will be several soldiers guarding buildings, going on patrols, and just about anything that any guard does. Players will have the freedom to choose what to do and how to finish a mission, but he could do several things before finishing it.

While killing every guard is a good option to cover up tracks, capturing them and sending them back to base would be the better choice.

After upgrading the iDroid, players will be able to view the status ranks of the enemy soldiers through the help of the Int-Scope. The first thing to do while on a mission is to scout the area and check out every soldier in the enemy camp. After marking every soldier and checking out the best ranking ones, it is time to enter the camp and either stun or kill the ones that are needed and capture the special ones.

Invest in better equipment

Do not be afraid to spend in-game cash in order to gain better weapons, camouflage, gadgets, upgraded vehicles, and more. Having better equipment in a mission will make it easier and the survival rate will be higher than with lower grade equipment.

For those who want a challenge, they can always go with lower grade ones, but it is optimum to have the best ones especially if they are going to face a boss.

Companions will also need better equipment as well, which is why upgrading them would be a wise choice. Until players get the best weapons or weapons for that particular companion, always stick to the ones that have a better advantage like D-Dog for stealth and stun, or Quiet for cover fire.

Gather a lot of materials for upgrade

Players will have to gather different types of materials all over to unlock the better items in “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.” As soon as the players touch the ground on a mission, the first thing they should do is to scan the area for plants, animals, gadgets, and many more. It might be a drag to other players and they just want to move on to finish the mission, but having patience in collecting the necessary materials for an upgrade will reward them in the long run.

Start with easier missions first

Difficult missions would reward players with higher items, soldiers, weapons, and more, but that would have a lower survival rate in the game. Failure might be okay for some, but that will waste some resources and that will definitely have an impact in the future.

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