Healers are staple picks in almost any game as they keep their team alive while providing useful buffs. In almost every public and professional "DOTA 2" game, many players believe that picking Support heroes will always make the game easier. These characters have abilities that can easily turn the tides of battle to their favor. With that being said, here are the 3 life-saving support heroes of "Dota 2."


Oracle is a versatile hero. He has different skills that can heal, damage, stun, disarm, and delay incoming damage for an ally. With his ultimate ability, False Promise, he can delay any healing or damage taken for a few seconds, and he can also double healing received after its duration.

This opens up an opportunity for your team to bounce back, especially if casted on a core hero that can kill an enemy while the skill is active.

If combined with Purifying Flames, Oracle’s damage and healing skills can fully restore an ally back to full health. Considered as one of the hardest support heroes to master, Oracle can be a very good support hero with the right positioning and decision making.


Dazzle is known as the king of prevention because of his second skill Shallow Grave. Similar to Oracle’s ultimate, it prevents the target ally from dying under most circumstances. To extend another hero’s life, Dazzle can use his Shadow Wave and ultimate ability Weave to heal and increase another's armor.

Dazzle is one of the easiest heroes to play, but the most challenging part about his playstyle is in timing his abilities. Targeting his Shallow Grave is very challenging, especially in late game scenarios where you can die within 2-3 seconds.


Omniknight’s job is to keep everyone alive in the heat of battle. His Purification ability provides massive heals on a single target and also damages any enemy heroes nearby.

This alone makes him a popular hero among fans.

He can also cast Repel, which prevents him or his allies from being affected by most enemy spells. This skill is very important during team fights as it can negate plenty of damage.

Finally, his ultimate ability, Guardian Angel, grants complete immunity against physical damage to all nearby allies for a few seconds.

This gives your team a major edge during critical moments in the game, especially against enemy heroes that rely on dealing physical damage. It can also be used as an escape mechanism when the fight isn’t going in your favor.