Several Pokemon GO players are very excited to catch their own legendary creatures, which is why a lot of avid players even traveled to Chicago’s Grant Park just to participate the Pokemon GO festival. But unfortunately, things got off to a very frustrating start.

What Happened to Pokemon GO Fest?

The Pokemon GO event held in Chicago, Grant Park, was promised to be full of rare monsters, special raids, eggs and medals. There were a lot of players in the event, but the game was unfortunately unplayable. There were a mix of cellular network reception issues and server problems that prevented the players from logging in.

The Niantic CEO, John Hanke, was met a chorus of boos and shouting as he made his opening remarks on the stage. People were shouting “We can’t play!” Players who flew in from out of state paid a lot of money just to get connection errors.

Niantic Gives Out Free Legendary Pokemon

Because the event was full technical failures, the developer is going to refund $100 worth of PokeCoins to attendees for the cost of their tickets. The developer also decided to just go ahead and release two Legendary Birds: Lugia and Articuno, to be specific.

Niantic will also extend the radius where players can find legendary Pokemon. It will now cover two miles outside Chicago's Grant Park. Every player that passes will be getting their free legendary creature, Lugia.

Meanwhile, the global unlock for Legendaries will begin over the next 24 hours.

How to Catch Your Own Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon GO players around the world are excited to catch their own legendaries. But in order to participate in Legendary Raid Battles, players must first obtain a Raid Pass. The Raid Passes are only given to high-level players, who have already participated in several raid battles.

The developer also confirmed that these passes will only be given to players who were very active on the gym system to give them the chance at catching legendary Pokemon at a later date.

It is also expected that the Legendary Raid Pass will have different raid mechanics compared to ordinary raid passes. Players should also expect that catching legendary creatures will not be easy and they should be well prepared.

However, legendaries cannot be assigned to defend a PokeGym because it would clearly overpower any ordinary Pokemon and it would also be a game-breaking balance issue in Pokemon GO

Some of the well-known Legendary Pokemon are not seen in the trailer. Fans speculate that that some of the Legendary monsters would not be available and players should have to wait a little longer for Niantic to release the complete set of Legendaries.