The beauty about “Overwatch” is that it is not just confined to the gameplay experience it offers. It has an interesting lore, with characters having compelling traits, personalities, and skills. Blizzard has definitely developed a game that could go down as one of the best in history.

In an interesting article from TheGamer, it is revealed that “Overwatch’ has tons of facts and/or secrets. All of these have yet to be discovered by most, if not all, players. This is where Blizzard triumphs as they seem to have the most secrets in the industry. Here are three of these facts.

The Easter eggs in Horizon Lunar Colony

The newest map in the game brings players straight to the moon, giving them a look at Earth from the outer space. This map is Winston’s sanctuary. It is where he got genetically upgraded, giving him the power and strength that he has now. Interestingly, there is an area in the map where players can experience low gravity.

There is also a telescope room in this “Overwatch” map. Looking through the device lets players see the landing points on Earth. It implies that Watchpoint Gibraltar is Winston’s final destination. Each hero who gets to utilize the telescope interacts with voice lines unique from each other.

The Panorama Diner

The diner is basically the spawn point of the attack team in Route 66, one of the maps in “Overwatch.” Blizzard has seriously put so much detail on this part of the map, but there is one that is missing.

There is no pepper, but only salt. Well, unfortunately, the studio does not want to unveil the mystery behind it.

Moreover, just near one of the doors of the diner, there is a check from Deckard Cain. He is the guy from the titular "Diablo" series for those who do not know him. There is a memo that reads “Delicious” and, more importantly, the date says 5/15/12.

It is worth noting that this is the very date "Diablo 3" was released on PC.

The Konami Code

In its most organic form, the Konami code is used as a cheat code in various titles from the ever popular studio Konami. For the most games, it activates the God mode, but for some, it just provides simple power-ups. Either way, it was considered a useful code to those who simply want to cheese their way into a game.

In “Overwatch,” however, the code does not necessarily work. Interestingly, it is featured on the official site of the game. All players need to do is use the code “UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A” on their keyboard. In previous version, a tiny Hanzo would rain from the top of the page. It is said to be updated with new heroes from time to time. As of this writing, the code would activate the mech hero D.Va.