"The Last Of Us 2" is reported to take place in and around the greater Seattle, Washington area. These rumors are supported by its pieces of concept art and images from its trailer that all perfectly match with the landmarks and other things in Seattle. Here are the details.

Naughty Dog remained silent about the development of the upcoming “The Last of Us: Part 2.” Fans were only given the recent trailer, a few details, and nothing more. However, fans seem to have cracked what might be the location of the new game.

It is important to note that “The Last of Us” characters, Joel and Ellie, first met in Boston, Massachusetts and traveled to different destinations.

Those locals include Pennsylvania, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. In the new “The Last of Us,” they have reached a certain location which remained unknown to the fans. However, a game enthusiast has revealed what seems to be the exact location of the upcoming game.

‘The Last of Us 2’ setting is in Seattle, Washington

Redditor Voldsby, who is also an avid fan of the franchise, has recently revealed his theory that “The Last of Us: Part 2” will have Seattle, Washington as one of its locations. He compared images from the sequel’s first trailer and different spots in the greater Seattle area.

According to Voldsby, the parking signs and pay sites in the game are found in and around Seattle. He also revealed some in-game and real images of several signs and landmarks.

It includes the S Washington street sign and the “Driftwood” building. The latter is found at the 1909 three-story Buttnick Building with brick masonry as walls. Most of the building was devoted to manufacturing Driftwood Sportswear, the name which was featured in the game’s pieces of concept art. Moreover, “The Last of Us 2” locations line up exactly with the Google Map.

Game foliage matches Seattle

Voldsby also considered the foliage featured in the game and shown on its trailer at the PlayStation Experience 2016. After a thorough research, he found out that Naughty Dog specifically used the Sword fern in the game.

Sword fern is an evergreen plant that is native to western North America and even indigenous to Washington.

With this, the upcoming “The Last of Us 2” appears to really take place in Seattle, Washington.

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Naughty Dog has yet to confirm all the details leaked by fans. Hence, more official news will be released in a few weeks and months. Stay tuned for more "The Last of Us" updates.