Game director neil druckmann has dropped an interesting off-screen image taken from behind-the-scenes of the making of The Last of Us 2.” From the looks of it, some ninja-like move or combat style will be seen in the game.

It seems that the development of the sequel is running smoothly and well underway for another possible PlayStation Experience (PSX) reveal in December 2017. After it skipped E3 last June, the latest chatter within the gaming community now suggests that it will have a significant presence at the upcoming Sony-centric event, where the game was also first confirmed.

Ninja-like combat style

While fans are a few more months away from giving a first, closer look at The Last Of Us 2” gameplay, Druckmann has been dropping hints and clues from time to time on social media. That is to keep the fans updated with how things are done straight from the Naughty Dog studio.

Interestingly, the latest teaser image posted on his Twitter account is a brand new snapshot of a motion capture session for the game. This time, the offscreen photo showed Jessie Graff known in “American Ninja Warrior.”

For the uninitiated, Graff is a professional stunt woman who has a black belt in Taekwondo, a black sash in Kung Fu and is well-trained in five Martial Arts styles.

In the photo, Graff was all wrapped in her mo-cap suit for an action scene executing her ninja-like kickass move while being up in the air. Druckmann didn’t say as to what capacity the celebrity stuntwoman is involved in the next installment of the TLOU series, but it seems plausible she might portray a part of an action figure.

No prize for guessing but she could see a human enemy to Ellie and Joel or a trusted ally in fighting a horde of zombies in the game. If not, she could only be playing a stunt double for a major character, but whatever her contribution is, it is surely something great.

Possible release date

It remains unknown yet on when the follow-up to the phenomenal action-adventure survival horror title released in 2013.

The possible release date could still be far off since previous reports indicate that it is still in early stages of production.

On the contrary, the second game is supposed to be one of the major PS4 lineups of Sony Interactive Entertainment for 2018. If such is the case, a late 2018 release date sounds more likely.

Notably, that is a five-year gap between the original title and the sequel. It is an ample time for the development of an AAA game like “The Last of Us 2.”