The long time hinted content for the open world action role-playing video game, “Final Fantasy XV,” is finally happening. Square Enix recently revealed that the game’s multiplayer expansion, dubbed as Comrades, will be dropping next week. Nonetheless, FFXV fans are giving mixed reactions to the upcoming game segment.

However, the video game company will be setting up a closed beta for the upcoming multiplayer expansion as it will go live from August 3 until August 8. “Final Fantasy XV” players with Season Pass will be the first to try the Comrades.

Gameplay of Comrades

USGamer reported that the upcoming multiplayer expansion will allow FFXV players to cook, fulfill quests and create their own avatar. The new DLC will also come along with new item meteorshard. Players need to collect the new item as it can be used to unlock new missions and it will serve as the in-game currency of Comrades.

Expansion’s features

According to Digital Trends, the new Final Fantasy XV: Comrades will bring an expanded assortment of weapons, such as shield weapons, crossbows, and polearms, each of which will be available with inherent abilities and XP. The player’s weapons and in-game character can be upgraded and customized via rewards gathered in quests. Players can also unlock several activities and quests by securing the new meteorshards.

Final Fantasy XV” gamers will also collect Royal Sigils to give their character special powers. But, it is unclear whether the multiplayer expansion will transpire on the existing map, or the video game company will add new locations specifically for multiplayer.

As mentioned, the multiplayer expansion Comrades has been getting mixed reactions from FFXV fanatics.

Several players appear to dislike the DLC, stating that the content seems to move away from the video game’s true identity. Meanwhile, some players will just have to go with the flow and will enjoy what the update can offer them. However, it can be recalled that the video game company has incorporated such elements in previous games, but it was not massive.

The full version of the multiplayer expansion Comrades still has no release date yet. But, the expansion is expected to be available sometime after the studio launches Episode Ignis in December. Comrades’ full version will let players join up with friends, but in the beta, players will connect with three others through matchmaking.