Most if not all loyal fans of the GTA franchise want to see GTA 6 coming in Rockstar Games’ pipeline at some point in the future. But the mind-blowing financial success of “Gta 5” with its multiplayer mode, “GTA Online” might put it on hold for quite a while.

Take-Two plans

But while “GTA 6” may sound far way off from seeing the light of day, Take-Two CEO Straus Zelnick may have already hinted what it will be like given the phenomenal release of the current game since it launched in 2013.

In his latest official statement, Zelnick recalled how fiscal 2018 looks relatively thin for Take-Two.

The company’s record shows that the release of 2K’s “Battleborn” wasn’t really a huge success and “Mafia 3” didn’t do so much amid lukewarm reception from the fans.

But despite this setback, Zelnick is still optimistic while sharing the direction that Take-Two will take over the next five years. He cited that the next fiscal year looks good with the release of Rockstar Games’ sequel to the Wild West action adventure series, “Red Dead Redemption 2,” along with a huge 2K title expected to be “Borderlands 3.”

Interestingly, Zelnick pointed out how Take-Two understands what Rockstar is trying to do. He went on to elaborate this by saying that its activities have been transformed by “GTA Online.”

This is somehow a hint from Take-Two CEO that the wild success of the multiplayer mode of “GTA 5” could heavily influence the future of the franchise.

It now sounds plausible that the game developer will have renewed online focus, thus, “GTA 6” could most possibly turn out to be a full-blown multiplayer.

The highly speculated sixth installment is not officially announced until now. But rumors have been rife of its possible release date, features, characters, and next setting as well as its release on next gen console, PS5.

But fans know well that these rumors stay as rumors until Rockstar Games confirms any of it.

New update

It appears, though, that the game developer is not close to being done in releasing additional support to its multiplayer game. Just this week, players saw the addition of a new Adversary mode, Power Mad – a Juggernaut game mode with a twist.

A new vehicle, Pegassi Torero is also available in the latest update. This stunning car can be availed via Legendary Motorsport for a little less than $1 million GTA dollars.

The new update for “GTA 5” also offers boosts and discounts on engine upgrades and weapons like handguns, machine guns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. This latest promo lasts until July 31.