Hardcore Gta 5 Online” players can get hyped with the most recent weekly update from Rockstar Games and it is now live for download. Meanwhile, a top analyst is now saying that Sony’s next-gen console PS5 will likely be out on the market in 2019 – so, will this mean that “GTA 6” will see its release in the same year?

Karin Technical available now

The development team has just launched the newest update for “Grand Theft Auto 5” and as expected, it brings new content and a slew of bonuses as well as rewards in “GTA 5 Online.”

The major add-on is the upgraded version of Karin Technical – the pickup truck with a gun mounted on its back from the “Series A Funding” heist.

It arrives with new customization options for players.

They can upgrade the Karin Technical Custom in the Mobile Operations Center’s Vehicle Workshop Module and design it with their best in-game armor and weapons.

For the bonuses and rewards, gamers can get a 25 percent boost to Arms Manufacturing until Monday next week plus a free hoodie once they finish a sell mission from the Bunker. The GTA$ and RP bonuses in Overtime Rumble Adversary Mode will run until July 24.

A number of items are also sold at 25 percent less than the original price. These include Phantom Wedge, Annihilator, Buzzard, Vehicle Armor, and Bulletproof Tires.

GTA 6 PS5 release

Sony’s next-gen console PS5 will likely hit the store shelves in 2019, according to top analyst Michael Pachter.

There is no official announcement on its specs and features but it will reportedly topple its arch rival Microsoft Xbox One X that is scheduled for release later this year.

So, how will this be possible? The PS5 will boast a higher teraflops performance that could knock out what Xbox One X may have. But at this point, it remains a calculated guess by people who have made a name in precisely predicting stuff within the industry.

That is until there is physical evidence to support this claim.

But how is this related to Rockstar Games’ incessantly rumoredGTA 6?” Recent reports lay claim that the next GTA game will be released for PS5 and so, if this is anything to go by right now, 2019 seems to be the date.

Nothing has been set in stone for the next installment of the series until now, so speculations are rife that it is far away from release and it will take until 2024.

However, it is also plausible that “GTA 6” has been secretly in development for years now.

If the game developer follows its tradition of a five-year gap between releases of GTA games, it is indeed pointing to a 2019 launch when PS5 will also be out in stores.

There are tons of analytical points of view from various sources and too many to mention why is this much so, but it’s all mere speculation at this point and yet to be validated by either Sony or Rockstar Games.