Blue Mammoth Games President Matt Woomer announced the Founders Pack for their upcoming game Brawlhalla. The creators and team behind this game previously announced and teased some features that will be included. This includes multiplayer options and online matchups. Speaking of the "Founders Pack," purchasing this pack allows players to gain multiple benefits.

Furthermore, these benefits are the following: purchasing the pack will guarantee players that all thirty-two fighters are unlocked including fighters that will be added in the future. Second, a Personal Sentry IV sidekick is rewarded along with Founder's avatar and nameplate.

Lastly, Founders will instantly access the game's beta.

In-game store called "Mallhalla"

"Mallhalla" is the in-game store that will be added on August 1. In addition, this is a store where players can spend their hard-earned gold, Mammoth coins, and rank points. Brawlhalla is a free-to-play game where players do not spend any real money. However, for those who want to purchase skins and cosmetics, they will spend real money. Other than that, everything can be unlocked with gold and rank points.

Along with the in-game store, a new legend arrives. His name is "Caspian," a rogue who wields katar and gauntlet. Next, a friends list is also present. This will keep players connected with their friends, especially during rank battles or online matchups.

Cross-play feature

As an added information, Matt mentioned something about the cross-play feature. This important feature will allow players to battle with others regardless of the console used. In addition, PC players can invite PlayStation 4 players to join them. Blue Mammoth Games President even said, "Imagine brawling in a wild eight-player free-for-all with three friends on your couch, two friends on their PlayStation across town, and two more friends playing on their PCs!"

However, the team is hard at work to fit the pieces perfectly.

More importantly, the team assures that performance and gameplay are the same on all the consoles mentioned. Nevertheless, much progress has been made and the team readies for its beta release. Speaking of beta, sign ups are still available for the beta queue. Otherwise, players can just purchase the Founders Pack for an instant access.

Online rankings and battles including multiplayer feature is a fun way to enjoy Brawlhalla with family and friends. From temples to sky-high mountains, the game presents action-fighting elements and colorful designs for everyone to enjoy.