For Honor” is among the few games out there that offers a truly exceptional combat experience. Sadly, its run in the market did not go well. The fighting-themed game experienced tons of issues, making the gameplay experience traumatizing.

However, as reported by PVP Live, one of the biggest changes is coming to “For Honor.” This is actually a huge step towards achieving stability in matches. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Dedicated servers are finally coming

One of the issues players have with the game is the continuous connectivity issues.

This is mainly due to Ubisoft’s peer-to-peer system, which, unfortunately, is not fit for the title. It introduced a number of issues concerning the game’s matches, leaving players distraught.

But fortunately, the studio is looking to change that. That is because the team is “currently working on a dedicated server infrastructure,” according to Ubisoft. The company announced it in a press release while confirming the improvements coming to the P2P system. These improvements are said to better the feature’s stability, as well as the game’s matchmaking system.

As for now, though, “For Honor” will still continue to use the current system. In addition, before ultimately migrating everything from the game to the dedicated servers, the studio will opt to improve the game’s P2P and its stability.

The studio also can't provide a migration date yet. Nonetheless, this is huge, considering how the entire community wanted to have such servers in the first place. Interestingly, these are not the only changes coming to the fighting-theme game. There is actually more.

Two new seasons, new features, and more

Yes, that is right – two more seasons are expected to hit “For Honor” this year.

The third season is expected to commence sometime in August, while the fourth season is set for November. Each of the forthcoming season updates will arrive with massive adjustments, specifically to the game’s fighting mechanics.

There will also be two new classes, new maps, gear, and a whole lot more. For season pass owners, they are set to receive new characters in advance.

Moreover, there will be new features coming to “For Honor” soon. The game is said to receive the completed Ranked play, along with the brand new 4v4 PVP game mode in the next few months.

It is worth noting that the Ranked play is totally different from the current Dual Tournaments and Hero Series. Ubisoft is expected to detail this feature soon. Furthermore, the developers at Ubisoft promised to introduce upgrades to the game’s Training mode. This is to help new players better understand the in-game mechanics.