Capcom has always been one of the biggest names in gaming. The company has been known to have released video game titles such as "Resident Evil," "Rival Schools," "Devil May Cry," "Dino Crisis," "Monster Hunter," and classics like "Captain Commando," "Mega Man," and of course "Street Fighter."

"Street Fighter" made its debut in amusement arcades in 1987 and it is one of Capcom's best franchises selling millions of copies world wide having been ported to different gaming platforms including the SNES, Sega Genesis, PC Engine, 3DO, PlayStation, Dreamcast, Saturn and Master System.

"Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers" was the latest addition for Nintendo Switch which "made an excellent start and proved to be a smash hit" according to Capcom's latest financial report which is said to have exceeded Capcom's expectations with 450,000 units sold in Q1. As a result, the company is "starting to prepare" several titles for Switch.

Nintendo and Capcom

Both have been staple names in video games, with Nintendo being an iconic console manufacturer, producing home gaming consoles from NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and Nintendo Wii to handheld gaming console platforms in the likes of Game Boys and Nintendo DS. Capcom, on the other hand, is well known for developing and releasing video game titles such as "Megaman X 4" and "Marvel Vs.

Capcom 2." Both have been known to work together over the recent years, with Capcom influencing the development of the 3DS Circle Pad Pro to accommodate "Resident Evil Revelations" and various Monster Hunter titles. Recently Capcom released the game for the Switch hardware on May 26 of this year.

With the success of Capcom's "Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers" and Nintendo switch's booming sales, we could see more of our favorite Capcom games port to the flexible gaming platform.


We could see a comeback for most of the games we grew up with and that are close to our hearts. Capcom would be wise to bank on games that have already made a name for themselves or those that already have a large fan base. Notable games that we would like to see on Switch would be the likes of "Mega Man," "Resident Evil," Devil May Cry," and "Monster Hunter".

Ultimately, uniqueness is to play an important role in porting these games so as to distinguish the title from other games in the franchise. Game spin-offs are to be expected but are welcomed as long as they make the least changes to the story line.