Here’s some good news for die-hard Pokemon fans! The Pokemon RPG leaked earlier as "Pokemon Stars" will arrive in 2018 at the earliest. Now, players have a clear idea of when they can expect the new Pokemon title that is exclusively developed for the latest gaming platform of Nintendo.

Release window

It was during E3 2017 when The Pokemon Company CEO and producer Tsunekazu Ishihara confirmed that the Pokemon RPG is in the works for the Nintendo Switch. However, he didn’t give specifics as to when it will arrive on the highly popular hybrid console.

A few months after the game’s initial announcement, the game publisher revealed via the game’s latest ad that the Pokemon game for Switch will be launched in 2018 at the earliest, or even later.

Part of it is a good news wherein fans can look forward to a possible Release Date of the said title as early as next year. There’s a catch, however. It said “or later,” which also suggests a possibility of a release happening beyond 2018.

But it 'd be good to look at it from an optimistic angle and expect that the game will be ready for release next year instead of facing a possible delay. The Pokemon Company is best-known in the industry for huge surprises, so who knows, right?

One can make a safe bet that it will be launched in 2019 at the latest.

Otherwise, players would likely lose interest in the game. That does not really sound good for Nintendo and The Pokemon Company.

But the game developer promised the fans that the game might not take more than a year, so 2018 looks plausible.

What to expect

Little is known about the Pokemon RPG amid an absence of a reveal trailer or press release coming from the game developer with regard to its possible features.

Luckily, Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime teased the fans that the next Pokemon title underway for Nintendo Switch will offer "a traditional find, battle, train type experience" to the Pokemon trainers.

Pokken Tournament DX Switch

But players should not fret while waiting for the core Pokemon RPG leaked earlier as “Pokemon Stars,” to come out hopefully next year.

There is another Pokemon game that will launch on Switch this year.

The “Pokken Tournament DX” is slated to hit Nintendo Switch on September 22 and packed with awesome features and additional characters.

The Wii U game ported to Switch will introduce five more additional pocket monsters like Decidueye. Also, Little and Popplio will be included as support characters in the game’s roster.

Players can further expect the 3v3 Team Battle mode, Group Matches, and other new features in the “Pokken Tournament DX.”