Injustice 2 director Ed Boon dropped a new teaser photo hinting the addition of Man of Steel’s zombie clone, Bizarro. Will this alternate model of Superman be one of the three characters in the upcoming DLC 2 after Starfire release?

It's anyone’s guess at this time pending an imminent announcement from game developer NetherRealm Studios.

Via his official Twitter account, Boon posted a photo just recently of the zombie clone of Superman. The image is captioned “Bizarro number one, not Superman.”

According to game pundits online, two things could pan out from this latest tease.

One is that Bizarro will be added as one of the three playable characters in the upcoming Fighter Pack 2 or it is also possible that the tease could indicate the addition of a premier skin for the red caped DC superhero.

Bizarro as a playable character

Back at San Diego Comic-Con, Boon said that the studio has been preparing a brand new sneak peek at the next DLC characters that will follow after the release of Starfire – the final playable character addition in the first Fighter Pack. Being a usual big tease, he said that the reveal trailer will bring fans a big surprise.

But is Bizarro a good fit for a big surprise to the hardcore players of “Injustice 2?” Maybe or maybe not.

Bizarro is an alternate zombie clone of Superman, and the two have quite similar character models and move set, with only a few variations.

So, it appears that this character might not be one of the three playable fighters coming next in the game, which brings about the next possibility – Bizarro as a premier skin.

Bizarro as a premier skin

What looks to be closer to the truth is that Bizarro will be featured in the next DLC as a premier skin. The teaser image seems to suggest that this character will be seen as a premier skin for Superman.

In terms of its price, players might also need to buy this special skin for 6,000 source crystals or $3 USD in real currency.

Starfire DLC coming in August

But before the fans get too excited about who will be the next three DLC characters that will join the brawl party soon, Tamaran princess, Koriand’r, known on earth as Starfire will be unlocked in August.

Watch her own gameplay trailer below.

Starfire follows the release of the first two DLC characters, Red Hood and Sub-zero who were all introduced through Fighter Pack 1 reveal trailer back in March.

The highly speculated characters coming in "Injustice 2" DLC 2 include Raiden, Black Manta, John Constantine, and Spawn.